Event Center Customers

Caption Colorado has been offering event centers realtime captioning delivered to pagers, jumbotrons, and scoreboards for 6 years now. However, we are excited about our brand new service, made possible by our own proprietary mobileCap™ technology that offers visitors even greater accessibility and convenience than ever before!

Caption Colorado can now deliver realtime closed captioning of everything said on the PA system to any Blackberry or other Smartphone device. Caption Colorado will donate up to 5 phones to each major stadium we work with and will provide an audio coupler at no charge as well. There is no initial investment required, no minimum commitment necessary, and fans will have complete access to everything being said on the PA system from anywhere in the stadium, including all emergency announcements, thus ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all patrons!


Caption Colorado offers Event Captioning Services for any type of event, speech, convention, meeting, or other activity held in any type of facility. We can deliver our captioning to PC's, screens in the room through the use of a projector, or mobile phone devices (in the event location or elsewhere). Caption Colorado's realtime captioning service makes business meetings, conferences, plays, and more fully accessible to your deaf and hard-of-hearing participants.