Business Captioning

  • Conference call captioning
  • Meeting room captioning
  • Training sessions
  • Group discussions
  • Videoconference and Webcasts
  • Full transcript of all spoken dialogue

Caption Colorado’s business captioning benefits offer immediate access to realtime text on any call, meeting, training or group discussions for deaf and hard-of-hearing employees and/or clients. It can be used in the most secure and firewalled location; there is no software to install or downloads to program – and it is available from any Internet connected computer. There is also instant access to transcripts of the meeting or conference call dialogue with the ability to e-mail and distribute the meeting text instantly, at the end of the session.


Caption Colorado offers Event Captioning Services for any type of event, speech, convention, meeting, or other activity held in any type of facility. We can deliver our captioning to PC's, screens in the room through the use of a projector, or mobile phone devices (in the event location or elsewhere). Caption Colorado's realtime captioning service makes business meetings, conferences, plays, and more fully accessible to your deaf and hard-of-hearing participants.